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About the Conference

The Foundations of Computer Aided Process Design (FOCAPD) conference is the leading conference series in the field of chemical process design. Held only once every five years, FOCAPD is not a routine research conference. It is a special time for the process design community to come together and discuss the biggest trends in the field from a big picture perspective. The next conference, FOCAPD 2024, will be held from July 14 to 18 at Beaver Run in Breckenridge, CO.

Conference Ethos

FOCAPD focuses on the big picture. All speakers are selected and invited by the conference organizers, and we use a single-track approach so that attendees gather together to hear all the speakers. Speakers are asked not to focus on their own research findings and accomplishments, but rather to talk about the latest trends and forward directions in their fields more generally. We want to know what is exciting about the field, and where it is headed next. We want the whole community at each talk so we can engage in lively discussions after each one about the future of our profession.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to present their research findings at one of three lively poster sessions. Held in the evenings with food and drink, the poster sessions are widely attended. These informal gatherings are ideal for research communication, informal discussions, and network development. Contributors can also publish their findings in the peer-reviewed conference proceedings.

Come to the place where process design research careers are made!

Conference Themes

Day Theme Description
Monday Design and Energy Transitions The transition from carbon-based energy sources or the design of non-traditional energy networks
Tuesday Design and Sustainability Approaches to achieve process, product, and supply chain sustainability via carbon neutrality, circular design, etc.
Wednesday Design and Emerging Fields New areas such as Pharma, bio-systems, AI/ML, digital twins, etc.
Thursday Design Education and Future of Design How and what to teach the next generation, and exciting concepts on the horizon.

Keynote and Plenary Speakers