Conference Proceedings

Contributors will publish a 5-8 page, peer reviewed paper in the conference proceedings. Conference papers will be published open access in the series [Systems and Control Transactions] published by [PSE Press]. Peer-reviewed conference papers will receive a DOI, and also will be deposited in [LAPSE], the leading digital research repository for the PSE field. The material in the conference papers can be re-used as part of a "full" paper submitted to a research journal, adhering to the policies of those journals.

[Submission Instructions for 5-8 Page Conference Paper]

After the conference, the authors of the best conference papers will be invited to submit a "full" paper for consideration in a special issue of Computers & Chemical Engineering, undergoing their normal peer review process.

Systems and Controls Transactions

Publication Timeline

When What Details
July 1, 2023 Call for abstracts Contributors submit 1 page abstracts of their proposed contribution. Submission template and instructions available on the submit page
Sept 15, 2023 Abstracts due 1-page abstracts due. Review process begins.
Oct 1, 2023 Authors notified of decision Authors will receive feedback on 1-page abstract, and decision (Reject or Tentative accept). Submissions with a Tentative Accept decision will be invited to submit the 5-8 page extended abstract.
Dec 1, 2023 Conference Papers Due Review process begins.
Mar 1, 2024 Authors notified of decision Authors receive comments on conference papers, and decision (Reject / Revisions / Accept).
Apr 1, 2024 Conference Paper Revisions Due Will be published if revision comments addressed satisfactorily. Final Accept decision given, and author invited to present a corresponding poster at the conference.
Aug 1, 2024 Best Contributions Identified Authors of the best contributions will be invited to submit a full paper to a special issue of Computers & Chemical Engineering.