Getting to the Resort

The resort can be reached by car, bus/airport shuttle, or public transit. Most will find either car rental or shuttle originating from the Denver Airport to be the most convenient. The [Beaver Run Resort travel page] has information on parking, shuttles, car rental, and connections to Breckenridge city. 


Most guests will find the [Denver International Airport] to be the most convenient, which is served by most major carriers with direct connections across most of the USA, and internationally from Canada, Ireland, the UK, Germany, France, Iceland, Switzerland, Mexico, Japan, and others. [Connections]

The [Colorado Springs Airport] has a similar travel time by car and might be preferable for some travellers. Connections exist to Chicago, Baltimore/Washington, Salt Lake City, DFW, Atlanta, Houston,  and others. [Connections map].

The [Aspen/Pikten Country Airport] has connections to Chicago, Austin, DFW, Atlanta, LA, and others, but the schedules may be seasonal and car rental may be required.

There are other smaller airports around Colorado within similar driving distances which might be suitable in some cases.

Car Rental / Travel By Car

For guests flying into Denver or surrounding airports, car rental options are available from [at least 10 different providers].

If you are staying at Beaver Run Resort (recommended), you can reserve a car using a 10% discount rate through [Breckenridge Rental Car] agency with the code BRR10. Contact the hotel's concierge for more information at 970-453-8744 or, or request a booking through their [airport travel request form].

We recommend you check the [Go I-70] website before your trip to check on traffic conditions. Highway travel from Denver to/from the mountains can have its own "rush hour" traffic at unexpected times, particularly on Friday/Sunday nights. 

Airport Shuttles

For to/connections from Denver, we recommend you make reservations by inquiring from the hotel's concierge at 970-453-8744 or, or request a booking through their [airport travel request form].

If you prefer to make your own arrangements, travel to the city of Breckenridge is supported by many shuttle/limo companies. Some include: [Breck Direct], [Colorado Resort Limousine], [Epic Mountain Express], [Fresh Tracks Transportation], [GoSno Transportation], [Peak 1 Express], and [Summit Express]. Check with your preferred company to see if you can get service directly to the resort.

City of Breckenridge and Shuttle Connections to the Resort

The City of Breckenridge is its own vacation destination. You can check their [Getting Around Breckenridge] page for more information on getting to/from the city as well as public transportation and parking information within it.

Within the city, the Free Ride bus system provides public transit. Check their [Free Ride Schedules Page].

Beaver Run Resort guests can get a free shuttle between the resort and the city. Contact their concierge for more information at 970-453-8744 or 

Resort App

Guests of the Beaver Run Resort might find the resort App a convenient source of information for local travel information. [Download the app here].