Submit Conference Papers for FOCAPD 2024 

Thank you to those of you have submitted abstracts for contributed conference papers. We received many more submissions than we anticipated, so we are expecting a fantastic turnout and very high quality contributions. 

The submission deadline has passed. These instructions are for modifying papers in review.

  1. Prepare a 5-8 page conference paper [using this new template] and compile to .pdf.
    1. Be sure to follow the style instructions in that document!
    2. For additional style guides, tips, and advice, see [Author Guidelines]
    3. Note that the original 1 page abstract that you submitted already will not be seen by the general public. 
    4. Note also that the 5-8 page paper requires a maximum 250 word abstract. This may contain text from your original 1 page abstract or the text can be different. It should not contain images or references and should not contain multiple paragraphs.
  2. Sign the [License Form]
  3. You will submit by revising your current submission in confex [at this link]. 
  4. To access your submission, log in to your gateway. You should see your submission(s) listed in either the “Assigned Entries” or “Submitted Entries” tab in the left-hand menu. 
  5. Click the title of the abstract to continue. You will be directed to the abstract/paper PDF step.
  6. Then upload:
    1. The Word (.docx) version of the paper
    2. The .pdf version of the paper. Note: this will replace the previous abstract.
    3. The signed [License Form]

Your submission will then go through rigorous peer review, following our [Peer Review Policy]. The first round of Accept/Reject/Revision decisions will be made on or before March 1.